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Road Trip 2013 is a blog that documents the road trip of a lifetime! If you’re a travel addict then this is the place for you. Our blog will document our story and the numerous difficulties and beautiful experiences we go through.

Going on a road trip isn’t as easy as it may sound, it comes with a lot of difficulty and we’ve got you covered with the lessons learn’t and how you can overcome these for yourself. So read started by reading through our blog.

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How To Choose A Loading Ramp

How To Choose A Loading Ramp

A loading ramp is a fixed or adjustable inclined surface adjoining a loading platform to ease the movement of goods between the platform and modes that transport goods. It makes lifting things easier and help in moving heavy objects from the ground into trucks or trailers. They can be easily bought [...]
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Choosing the best senior citizen bus To Ensure a Comfortable Long Journey!

Making travel arrangements these days has become very simple. Almost every agency has their website and dedicated applications. Some are so good that they work in real-time. However, these work when the travel distances are short and the travelers are few ~ usually less that five.   Trying to [...]
Welcome to Road Trip 2013

Welcome to Road Trip 2013

Hi welcome to Road Trip 2013, we're a travel blog that specializes and if you're looking to go on a road trip then you'll want to read our blog and learn of the lessons we've learned and how to get the most out of your trip with the least hick ups. So stay tuned, we'll be putting out some great cont[...]